The art of rolling the perfect joint is a delicate one. Even seasoned stoners can have trouble producing crisp joints, instead rolling what more closely resembles a loosely packed sausage. 

Pre-rolls Toronto

Indubitably, this was realized by a cannabis connoisseur who was sitting on his couch one day, surrounded by a haze of smoke, wondering why you couldn’t just BUY perfect joints. 

And the pre-roll was born. 

A relatively new innovation in the cannabis industry, pre-rolls have taken the marijuana market by a storm. These pre-made, perfectly-rolled joints are completely hassle-free. All you have to do is buy one, light it, and smoke it. That’s the level of “easy” that stoners appreciate. 

The Benefits of Joints and Pre-Rolls

Not requiring you to have a grinder, piece, or joint rolling paper, pre-rolls are great for beginner bud smokers. 

However, they aren’t just for beginners or people who don’t like rolling joints. 

Masters of marijuana have also embraced pre-rolls, viewing them as a great way to sample new strains. And when it comes down to it there really is no beating the convenience of pre-rolls. 

Lighter, Cannabis, Action! 

To use a pre-roll simply light its tip until it’s evenly ignited. A great way to do this is to slowly rotate the pre-roll between your fingers while you light it. 

You can inhale while you light the pre-roll, or you can wait for the tip to light and then inhale. The latter option may take a bit more time. As tempting as it may be to suck down hard on your pre-roll, try to be gentle with your inhales to preserve its even burn. 

Choose the Right Pre-Roll For You 

Unsure what type of pre-roll you should purchase? 

Consider what you’ll be using it for. 

If you just want a relaxing evening where you can unwind, try a CBD pre-roll. 

If you want to have a calm movie night with friends and tuck yourself into bed early, an Indica pre-roll will be right up your alley. 

If you’re hanging out with friends at a kickback or dinner party and want to have a stimulating experience where you laugh a lot, a Sativa pre-roll is perfect for you. 

Can’t decide what you want? Then try a hybrid pre-roll. 

To help you choose the right joint for your situation, all of Cozy Cannabis’s pre-rolls list their effects underneath them. 

What Pre-Rolls Does Cozy Cannabis Carry? 

Cozy Cannabis carries a vast variety of high-quality pre-rolls. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s to laugh a lot, get creative, or become relaxed, we have a joint for you. We pride ourselves in carrying one of the best pre-roll selections in Toronto.

You can see some of our offerings below:

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