Between offering a long-lasting high, being super convenient to consume, and easier on your lungs than smoking weed, there’s so much to love about edibles - and we have one of the best edible selections in Toronto! 

Edibles Toronto

Perfect for beginner bud-buyers and advanced cannabis connoisseurs alike, edibles are one of the best ways to consume marijuana. 

Simply snack or sip on your edible of choice and then enjoy its relaxing or stimulating effects! 

These Are Not Your Typical Snack Products 

As delicious as edibles may look, and even taste, it’s imperative to keep in mind that these are NOT your typical snack products. We all know someone who has mistaken a “special” cookie for a normal one and trust us, it’s not an error you make twice. 

Another common bud blunder is assuming 30 minutes after taking an edible that it didn’t work. After uttering the famous last words, “I don’t feel anything, I’m going to take more,” it’s likely you’ll be lost to the couch while your brain shoots off into space. 

Lozenges and Teas and Beers, Oh My! 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to edibles. 

Looking for something sweet? Try edible gummies, chews, chocolates, nerds, skittles, candy ropes, taffy, or whatever else your sweet tooth desires. Willy Wonka’s creations have nothing on what the wonderful world of weed has come up with! 

Feeling parched for pot? Try edible teas, beers, sparkling waters, or one of the other various beverages that have been concocted. Not only will you be refreshed but also relaxed!

Munching on marijuana has never been easier. Your main problem will be not eating too much of these delicious options! 

To CBD or THC, That Is The Question

Whether you should take CBD or THC edibles really depends on WHY you are taking edibles in the first place. CBD edibles are wonderful for relaxing, offering a calming experience without the typical intoxicating effects of marijuana. 

THC edibles, on the other hand, produce an intoxicating high, that’s not only relaxing but stimulating with psychoactive effects. THC edibles are great for social occasions, concerts, or just relaxing at home. 

What Edibles Does Cozy Cannabis Carry? 

Cozy Cannabis carries a range of unique, high-quality edibles that will suit cannabis users of all experience levels, budgets, and purposes. We pride ourselves on carrying some of the best cannabis edibles in Toronto.

Peruse several of our incredible options below:

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