Just like how soda companies can give you the great taste of a soda without the negative effects of calories through diet drinks, the marijuana industry has come up with its own “diet marijuana”: CBD. 

CBD Toronto

Enjoy the relaxation of marijuana without the psychoactive effects of THC through consuming CBD oil!

Oil and “Grass”: What is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil is a liquid tincture with a high concentration of the compound CBD. Like THC, CBD is one of the active compounds in cannabis that produces its famous effects. Unlike THC, it does not create any psychoactive effects but rather relaxes the mind and body. 

CBD works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It lowers autonomic arousal, reducing stress throughout the body. 

How to Use CBD Oil 

Due to its budding industry, CBD has been added to countless products now, including tinctures, capsules, and lotions. How you consume it really depends on which of these forms it is taking. 

Traditional CBD oil can be taken either directly, through the dropper included with its packaging, or it can be mixed into drinks or food. 

Check out your CBD oil’s packaging to find its recommended dosage. Starting with a dose of around 10 milligrams is a great idea to evaluate how the substance affects your body. Then you can work up to a higher dose. 

The biggest mistake people make when taking CBD oil is taking too much because they are expecting to feel high. The effects of CBD oil are subtle so you shouldn’t “feel it.” It’s more about what you’re not feeling.

What CBD Oil Does Cozy Cannabis Carry? 

Cozy Cannabis carries high-quality CBD oil extracted from quality cannabis strains grown indoors in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade facility. If you're looking for CBD oil in Toronto - look no further. Do note that our CBD is derived from marijuana plants, so it does contain a very small amount of THC. 

You can see our CBD oil below: 

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