CBD Gummies

When you eat CBD gummies the only high you should experience is a sugar high. Because they contain no THC, you get the wonderful, relaxing effects of marijuana without the psychoactive ones. 

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Eat your CBD and enjoy it too. These truly are the sweetest edibles around, masking the flavor of marijuana perfectly. They’re also convenient since it’s easy to carry around gummies and pop one in your mouth whenever you feel like you need it. Find your peace of mind with a piece of gummy, whenever you feel like eating one. 

Don’t “Chew” Want to Try CBD Gummies? 

The compounds CBD and THC are why you love marijuana. THC causes its psychoactive effects, stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, while CBD causes its relaxing ones, lowering autonomic arousal in the brain. 

Of the two, CBD is definitely the more lowkey compound. However, recently it’s stepped out of its brother THC’s shadow, dominating the booming bud industry. 

People love CBD. They love that they can take it anywhere, its amazing calming effects, and its multiple incredible uses. 

Like a Kid in a CBD Shop 

Was going to the candy store ever this fun? 

There are gummies galore to choose from when you are looking for delicious, CBD-infused edibles. From conventional shapes, like CBD chews and drops, to one’s that will take you back to your childhood, like CBD frogs, bears, and sour strips, whatever CBD gummy experience you’re looking for the wonderful world of weed will provide. 

How to Consume CBD Gummies 

Before you start snacking, you NEED to read the label on your CBD gummies. From company to company, how CBD gummies are dosed vastly ranges. 

To start, it’s a good idea to try 10 milligrams and see how your body handles it. If you’re looking for more effects, then gradually move your dosing up until you find the ideal dose for you. 

Avoid the common CBD pitfall of upping your dose because you’re expecting to feel high. You won’t. Taking CBD is more about what you won’t feel: stress. 

What CBD Gummies Does Cozy Cannabis Carry? 

Cozy Cannabis carries all-natural, high-quality CBD gummies that will help you feel happy, relaxed, and calm. Keep in mind, our CBD is derived from marijuana plants so our gummies do contain a little bit of THC. 

You can see our CBD gummies below: 

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